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Alfred review board

The Alfred Review Board is a revolutionary new way of processing job applications. The dashboard is based on the Kanban project management method and has four columns by default while allowing you to add as many columns as you like.

The Review Board

All new applications automatically go to the New column and can then be dragged and dropped into one of the other available columns.

You can add as many additional columns as you want by clicking New Column. You can change the colour of columns, rename them and discard them by clicking Edit under the three small dots. You can click and drag the columns to move them around.


In the processing system, companies can communicate with applicants using modern techniques.

Companies always initiate communication in the processing system. If the company wishes to receive all inquiries about the job through the chat, it needs to send at least one message first.

Send messages

Companies can send a message to all applicants in a column by clicking [•••] at the top of the column and then clicking Send message to everyone.

Applicants can then respond directly through the app or the website. If users have notifications turned on, they will receive notifications between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m.

Rejecting applications

Companies can reject all applications in a column by clicking [•••] at the top of the column and then clicking Reject everyone. A window will appear with standard text that can be edited.

The reply letter begins with "Dear #NAME#" which means that the applicant will receive a personal letter.

The text that appears in standard reply letters can be changed under Settings > Response letters.

After reply letters have been sent, the applications are marked as inactive and can be found under the filter "Inactive applications".


Inviting applicants to an interview is simple and easy. If you hover over the applicant's card, you can click [•••] and select Invite to an interview. You can also do this by opening the card and clicking the button that appears in the upper right corner.

After you click the button, a window will appear where you can enter all the main information about the interview: date, time, location and a message.

After an interview invite has been sent out, the applicant will receive a message in the Alfred app and can choose one of three reply options: Accept, Decline or Request new time.
If a user requests a new time, the company can send a new interview invite to the applicant.

Video interviews

Video interviews are a great way to get to know applicants a little better before deciding to offer them a job interview. You send questions to applicants who record their answers in the app. You then review the answers at your convenience. This will save you a lot of time!

You can give video interviews a rating in the Review Board. The rating scale is visible for each video interview. This can be of great help if multiple company users are processing the applications, as the rating of each one is never visible to the user. The average rating of those who have given a rating is shown on the applicant's card.

Try the Alfred Video Interviews for free and invite selected applicants to a remote interview.

Huge time savings!
A great way to filter out applicants before conducting job interviews.
You can review the video interviews at your convenience.
Applicants can complete the interview in the app at a time of their choosing within the specified deadline.
An opportunity to expand the group of those who might be considered for the job as the CV is not always sufficient to evaluate applicants.

Competency Assessment (Compass)

Before reviewing applications, it may be a good idea to write down the factors that are relevant for the selection of applicants and evaluate the importance of each factor. For instance, the evaluation process can be used to assess the importance of education, experience, previous assignments and interview performance. A new job assessment can be created in several ways. To create a new job assessment, simply go to Settings -> Compass and then click on New compass.

To use the competency assessment for processing applications, you need to open each applicant and select Compass.

The average rating of the competency assessment then appears in the Alfred Review Board, which gives you a better overview of the applicant's qualifications and makes it easier for you to decide whether to hire the applicant.

Only one of each job assessment is available for each applicant. Therefore, users cannot add multiple job assessments at once, as the last saved assessment will overwrite the others.


Marking an applicant as Hired is a feature in the Alfred Review Board. When an applicant is marked as "Hired", a request can be sent to the applicant to fill out information about the applicant's union, pension fund, private pension savings and salary account. This information speeds up the registration process with the company and enables the company to access this information in the Hiring Dashboard.

End review

In order to ensure the best flow of information, Alfred automatically sends message to all applicants that have not yet been hired, rejected or received an invitation to an interview, when the review process ends.

Uppfært þann: 13/03/2023

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