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Creating a job ad

Creating a job ad

Click on New advertisement under Advertisements in the Alfred Admin System.

Choose a company profile that will connect to the advertisement

If the account only has one profile then that one is automatically chosen.
If you have not created an ad before or want to create a new company profile you will start by listing basic information about the workplace (name, logo and description).

Step 1: Create Ad

Fill in required information about the job

Visuals in ad: pick what picture appears at the top of the ad and how the ad appears when you or others share the advertisement on social media.
Ad title: Enter a descriptive job title.
About the job: Write about the job. You can also add a new field with your own title and text.
Job address: Where is the job located?
Job type: Full time, part time etc.
Job tags: Pick 1-5 job tag/s. Alfred sends all users who have a job watch with these jobtags a message that the job is available.

More options when filling out an advertisement

Skills: Choosing the right skills for the job makes it easier for users to understand what is expected of them and whether they think they have the skills needed.
Languages: Choose language skills for the job.
The Workplace: Here you can state if the job is particularly suitable for certain groups in society or if the work environment offers certain things.

Step 2: Publication and Review

How would you like to receive applications?

Choose whether you want to receive applications through Alfred's Recruitment System or an alternative website.

If you choose to use Alfred, you can connect additional questions to the ad.

Publication and Review

Choose a day to publish the ad and the application deadline. Note that if the application deadline is selected, it cannot be shortened afterwards. If no application deadline is selected, the advertisement can be removed from publication at any time.

Review time: Alfred informs applicants of the estimated processing time.

Step 3: Additional services

The last step - Here you can buy additional services before publishing the ad.

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