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Creating a job ad

Creating a job ad

Click New advertisement under Advertisements in the Alfred Admin System.

First you need to choose how you wish to receive applications, which you can do either through the Alfred Recruitment System or an external website.

1. Basic information

Write a title for the ad
Select Company Profile
Enter the address
Enter job type

2. Publication and review

Published at: You can select a date in the future or use the default date to publish it immediately.
Deadline: Enter an application submission deadline or select "No deadline" if you want to be able to turn off the ad at your convenience (this is not possible if you set a submission deadline).
Estimated time for the review process: Choose the time (1 - 6 weeks) that you estimate you will need to process applications. You can change this setting after publishing the ad.

3. Job description:

About the job: Write descriptive text about the job
Main tasks and responsibilities
Education and skills requirements
Job benefits
Other information

4. Job tags

Select at least one job tag so that people who might be interested in the job are notified of a new job through the job tags they are monitoring.
Use the blue bar to select the general category of the job tag and search all tags, or use the search bar on the right to search for a keyword.
Above the job tags is a window that includes suggestions for more job tags based on those already selected. By hovering the mouse cursor over the tags, you can see in which category they belong.

5. Subcategories

Work environment: Here you can tag elements about the work environment, for example: Dog friendly or Occasional home office.
Suitable for: Here you can specify if the job is particularly suitable for certain groups, for example parents or people with a disability.

6. Skills

Language skills: If applicants need to be proficient in certain languages you can specify these there.
Job skills: Specifying the relevant skills for the job makes it easier for users to understand what is expected of them and whether they possess the required skills.

7. Questions: Only available when using the Alfred Recruitment system.

Additional questions are an excellent way to get more information from applicants. In the Processing Dashboard, applications can be filtered based on how applicants answer the additional questions.

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